Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Choose Epoxy Floor Coatings Greeley

Choose Epoxy Floor Coatings GreeleyIf you are looking for an upgrade in your home's garage, one of the best ways to do that is to upgrade the flooring. A coat of paint is nice, but if you could add a beautiful floor that is durable, why not do it? Fort Collins epoxy floor is the solution to sprucing up your garage floor. At Epoxy Colorado floor coatings, we supply the highest quality floors that will leave your garage, patio, or basement the talk of the town. Your neighbors will all be in awe of your flooring.

Why Epoxy Floor?

There are so many benefits to covering your dingy garage floor with an epoxy coating. With quick installation, we can have your new floor in one day, with it being vehicle ready in twenty four to forty eight hours. These floors will cover over all the cracks and small imperfections that make up your garage floor that are an eye sore. If you are renovating your garage, this is the first thing you want to put in.

Colorado garage floor epoxy coatings are abrasion resistant, and will stand up to anything you can throw at it. Its glossy, durable finish will brighten up a dark room. And do not worry about any type of work you do in your garage. Boulder epoxy floor is resistant to solvents, chemicals and oils. With an ExpoyClean Kit that we provide to you, these spills will be cleaned up in no time. Your floor will last for years, keeping that same shine as on the first day.

The coatings even come in over two hundred different colors. You will be happy every time you step out of your car onto your stunning new flooring. Show off your sports or classic car on a floor that reflects its own beauty. Complete your garage the way it is meant to be completed. Start with the gorgeous floor and work your way up.

Where can I have these floors done?

That is the great thing about Colorado epoxy floor coatings, anywhere you like! Beyond garages, you can have us apply the epoxy coatings to any room. Finishing your basement? An epoxy floor is perfect. It is durable, eco-friendly and has low VOCs (volatile organic compounds). This means it is safe for children and pets to play on.

Do you want a more durable patio than just wood? A Fort Collins epoxy floor can solve any damage problems. Since it is so sturdy, it can withstand the harsh weather better than a wood patio. This way you can also choose the color to match the siding of your home. A perfect fit.



Can they help my home's value?

Yes, having something that is so permanent and durable that it will last for years adds value to your home. A finished garage or basement done with quality work will increase the value provided you are planning to sell. If a potential buyer is deciding between your home and another, a finished quality floored garage can push that over to your side. It also shows potential buyers that if you take such good care of your garage, the rest of your home must be in great shape as well!

At Colorado Epoxy Floor Coatings, we take pride in what we do. We guarantee our work is to your satisfaction. Our friendly customer service representatives and our skilled and qualified profession installation team are easy to work with and are always there to answer any questions you may have. All of our floors come with a fifteen year warranty. That is how much we believe in our work. Visit our website to learn more about what a Denver epoxy floor can do for your home. 

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