Monday, November 12, 2012

Epoxy Coating for Residential, Industrial, and Commercial Applications:

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Epoxy coatings are ideal for industrial/residential and commercial programs. Increasingly more commercial companies and firms have approached us directly to ask about our epoxy floor coating.

Our epoxy coating application is ready within 24 hrs - this really is MUCH faster than the rivals. We provide a 15 year warranty (residential) which means you don’t need to bother about the epoxy fading away or adhering to your tire. We are the most useful Colorado epoxy company!

Some good ways to use our epoxy product are: Biomedical facilities, Nursing facilities, Pharmacy flooring, Respiratory system therapy flooring, Surgical centers, Plane hangars, Dental practitioners offices, Medical storage rooms, Showrooms, Veterinary treatment centers, Operating rooms, Retail facilities, Restaurants, Schools, Garages, Cellars ., Patios, Preparing food areas, and much more.

We still do it! We diamond-grind all the flooring we all do. Be cautious when you're contacted by anybody that states that they “acid-wash” your garage or commercial floor. This really is untidy, not eco-friendly, and may cause major issues for those who have allergic reactions or issues breathing.

We make use of a 20” diamagem grinder along with a 7” position grinder (each of which affix to a commercial 2-stage dual chamber vacuum). This process scuffs the floor to permit an excellent bond to happen between your concrete (or any other flooring) and also the epoxy. This bond is exactly what will stand the beating from automobiles, chemicals, abrasion, and kids! This is actually the Best way any epoxy job ought to be done; if a person informs you otherwise it’s simply because they do not have the correct equipment to complete the job!

Our goal isn't to get your bare concrete floor to look smooth and glossy. It’s for the greatest adhesion between your concrete and also the epoxy for this reason it’s vital to make sure the floor is prepared properly.

As we complete the grinding we determine if we will find any hairline cracks which have shown up after which, we rapidly mend individual cracks so they don't modify the epoxy application. Being thorough now could keep your floor amazing for more than ten years of delight.

We strive to provide the best service by being timely, cost effective and providing an amazing product and services at reasonable prices for homeowners and businesses alike.

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