Thursday, November 29, 2012

Epoxy Garage Flooring in Fort Collins

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Choosing the finest ground covering is vital for a long time adhesion to concrete floor substrates. Surface area preparation, however is equally important to ensure a trustworthy, durable flooring surface. Before the application of any concrete coating, there are a number of requirements that need to be addressed.
Industrial flooring surfaces require grinding to
take away current floor coatings, deposits and polymer overlays. Grinding is also used to roughen or etch the existing surface to ensure a better bond to the epoxy top coat.
Joint Treatment
Joints are created on flooring surfaces to allow concrete to be installed in separate pours. Joints can be used to control surface cracking due to changes in temperature
which usually cause the surface to expand and contract. Joints may also be utilized to isolate the flooring surface from columns, walls or drainpipes. Proper care must be given to ensure all joints are properly maintained or prepared to perform their specific function within the flooring system.
Crack Treatment
Settlement within a concrete slab will cause cracking to occur over time. It’s vital to fill all cracks in an industrial flooring system to ensure future damage does not occur. 

Equivalent to grinding, scarification is utilized to remove cement, current surface surface finishes or polymer overlays. A rotating cutter will fracture the present flooring surface in scarification to develop a textured surface profile which usually is better able to bond to the epoxy flooring topcoat. Failure to remove damaged concrete and floor coatings will lead to the failure of your chosen floor coating.

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